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Smartphones & Tablets as Homework & Research Tools for Students?

Can SmartPhones and Tablets be more than just distractions, but actually help with homework and research? This session looked at different strategies and applications that can help students turn SmartPhones and Tablets into a serious research tools. Advertisements

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Wonderful New Google Docs Templates for Education & More

Google Docs has released dozens of new professionally developed document, spreadsheet, and presentation templates for education and general use. Fortunately for my youngest daughter there are some excellent new science fair templates that will come in very handy tonight as she rushes to

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Quickly Find Inexpensive and Convenient Airfares with Google Flights

I was looking for airfares to Brazil a couple of weeks ago, and discovered a delightfully useful new tool that makes finding inexpensive and convenient flights easier than ever: Google Flights.  No, Google is not running a travel agency now,

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COHERE Conference EdTech Presentations Oct 22-23, 2015

I’m participating in three presentations at the COHERE Conference (Canada’s Collaboration for Online Higher Education and Research), and am leading two of them. First I’m presenting on behalf of George Veletsianos on a research paper that I helped gather and

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Good Security Hygine PSA: Google Password Alert

This is my Public Service Announcement for the day: If you use Google Chrome and Gmail, you should seriously consider installing the Google Password Alert extension, which will alerts you if someone or something logs into your Google account from

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Knowledge Management Tools for Academic Legal Researchers

Introduction: We’re going to look at 7 different tools that will help you develop a more efficient research work flow. It is not expected that you’ll use all the tools, but most students find that they’d have a hard time

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Class Preparation & Studying Suggestions

With two of my children taking college level courses now, I thought I’d put together a cheat sheet with best practices for preparing for classes and studying for exams and quizzes.  If you think I’ve missed anything, or can clarify

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