Samsung S4 Beautiful But Unstable

The S4 has the most beautiful screen I’ve used on a mobile device,  unfortunately after one or two days of use I have to restart it because it’s either slowed to an unusable crawl, or frozen solid. If this had been my first Android phone I’d be tempted to blame it on the Android operating system, but the Nexus 4 I used for several months before giving it to my daughter was as reliable as my old iPhone 4S.

So why is the S4 so flaky? I Don’t know for sure, but I suspect it is all the bloat ware or superfluous features Samsung ships with its phones. Samsung just pushed out an update a couple of days ago, but I’ve still needed to reboot at least once.

The good news is that my son wants an S4, so when the Moto X is released in Canada, I think I’ll buy it, and let my son reboot the S4 every day.

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