Weather Station / Goat Camera up and running!

Over the holiday I setup a Bloomsky Sky2 weather station that I found under our Christmas tree. I decided that it would not only provide us with remotely accessible weather information about our home, but could also be the “Saanich Goat Cam.” My daughter lobbied Saanich Council for three years to allow miniature goats in suburban Saanich, and this past summer she was successful in persuading them… now we have two miniature goats living in our back yard, happily munching on the invasive ivy in our yard, along with the bottom of our huge laurel hedge.


Above is a picture of the BloomSky weather station in the foreground, and the goats in the background sitting on the porch of their “barn.”  Below is a picture from the weather station camera, with Gabby and Baby sitting in the bottom right corner of the photograph.


Lastly here is a picture of the two goats, Gabby & Baby, watching me install the weather station 😉  If you’d like to see a current image from the weather station, along with the weather the goats are experiencing, click here:


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