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Mobile Computing Discussion @ UVic Libraries

Here’s a link to the outline of the Mobile Computing Discussion I’m leading today at the UVic Libraries.  Once I’ve cleaned up the notes, I’ll post them below: Reading List for Mobile Computing and the iPad Discussion: Reminders From Out

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Facebook & Privacy: Should We Be Concerned?

In short, yes.  If you quickly want to see how much information on Facebook you are making public, go to the website, and follow the easy instructions there, and you’ll know in less than a minute how much of your information

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Snake Oil? Scientific Evidence for Popular Health Supplements

Today I ran across an link on the to a website that would have been very helpful when I was diagnosed with Leukemia almost 6 years ago. The site is called Information Is Beautiful, and the data visualization is called

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Family Friendly Home Internet Setup – Redux

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about how to create a family friendly internet setup in your home.  Given how quickly technology changes, I thought it was time to revisit the topic to see what has

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UVic Law Student Technology Survey 2010

Introduction to the Survey Results In addition to the technology questions we’ve been asking UVic law students over the past seven years, we decided to ask some extra questions about the increasing important mobile technology that students are arriving at

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Tired of Power Point? Prezi Makes Presentations Fun Again is a web application that allows you to create a map of your presentation in a mind map like style, and then when you present, you zoom around the map with ease.  For those who do not like the

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Is This what Museums & Libraries will Look Like 20 Years from Now?

The British Museum and the BBC have teamed up to create a website that presents the world’s history via objects (in digital form of course) contained in the British Museum.  The site is called: A History of the World.  BBC

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