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How Do You know If You Are Really Building “Green”?

One thing I have learned since we installed an electricity monitor in our home, is that I really had now idea which appliances were using the most electricity.  Several years ago we installed compact florescent bulbs in the house to reduce our

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Greening the Law Library Computer Lab

I just wanted to let everyone in the library know two things we have done recently to reduce the carbon foot print of our new Law Library Computer Lab: When we ordered the new computers for the lab we ordered

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Energy Efficient Buildings

I was really inspired by these two lectures given by Amory Lovins at Stanford this past March. Amroy talks about how we can build and renovate buildings to be more energy efficient, and environmentally friendly buy looking beyond a simple

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Bike To Work Week – Down the Loading Dock…

In Honor of Bike To Work Week at the University of Victoria, I created this little video with the help of Elizabeth (thanks for your wonderful video work Elizabeth!). It has been a running joke here at the Law Library

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Would you be Happier if you had More Money?

I read an interesting article a few weeks ago. The title caught my attention. It was called, “Would You Be Happier If You Were Richer?” I know that sometimes I think I’d be happier if I had a bit more

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The Dilbert House….

Here are some things that Scott Adams is considering including in his “Dilbert House”, I’m editing and adding things that I would like to see in our renovated dream house…

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