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Research & Collaboration Tools for Students, Staff & Faculty: a Free eBook

I’ve just finished revising and updating the eBook and paper book versions of my book, “Research & Collaboration Tools for Students, Staff & Faculty: Creating a Modern Memex“.  It should be helpful for anyone doing research, but especially for high school students,

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The Future of Text Books (and e-Books)

No matter what you think of Al Gore’s politics, his latest book, “Our Choice” points toward the direction that authors and publishers should be heading. Text combined with images, video and interactive graphics, make this e-Book a much more compelling

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Creating Ebooks is Easy & Free!

I recently returned from a Law School Technology conference, and while there I learned how easy it is to create ebooks from documents in Microsoft Word or HTML formats.  Elmer Masters lead a session called, Creating eBook Version of Your School’s Law

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Collaborative Scholarly Projects: What Tools to Use?

A colleague of mine asked me yesterday what tools I’d recommend for a group of a dozen or so scholars spread around the world to collaborate on a scholarly project.  The good news is that there are lots of good tools available

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Just in Time for School: Collaborating on Group Documents Just Got Easier

Google Docs has been my choice for collaborative document editing for some time now, but this past week a new feature was added, that will make the process of collaborating on a single document even less painful.  If you and

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An Insightful iPad Review by Anne Kirschner

A couple of days ago, I ran across an insightful iPad review by Anne Kirschner, a dean at City University of NY. Her iPad experience closely matches mine. Here are some of my thoughts: The move from the morning paper

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Tired of Power Point? Prezi Makes Presentations Fun Again is a web application that allows you to create a map of your presentation in a mind map like style, and then when you present, you zoom around the map with ease.  For those who do not like the

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