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YouTube & Facebook: Educational Distractions or Learning Tools?

Do YouTube and Facebook distract students?  Of course they do!  On the other hand, can YouTube and Facebook help students with their school work?  When my partner found herself in a college class with a teaching challenged professor, I was

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Mobile Technology in High Schools; Surprise! 48% of Students Never or Rarely Use Libraries

I was asked to talk to a class of Grade 10 students at Belmont Secondary School on how to effectively use mobile technology (smart phones & iPod Touches for example) for their home work and research. Here’s the handout I

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My Top 9 Favourite iPad Apps

Someone asked with a new iPad asked me today for my top 5 iPad apps. I had a hard time limiting it to 5, so below are my top 7 iPad apps.  There are a few apps that I love

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QR Codes: Can they be useful in Libraries?

I did a training session at the UVic Law Library this morning on QR Codes in Libraries.  Here’s a link to my slides, and I’ll copy and paste my handout below.  Enjoy! What is a QR Code?  It is a

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The Joys of Managing a University Website Home Page

For anyone who has worked on a University website committee, the venn diagram below is very recognizable! Another great XKCD cartoon.

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Navigating the Maze that is a Library

I found an email in my inbox this morning about an new building Way-finding utility that UC Davis Law School is working on. You’ll need to use your Firefox web browser for this early version of the app to work (a Chrome

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The Greening of Law School IT

What follows are my notes from my Presentation at the 2010 CALI conference at Rutgers Law School at Camden.  If you’d like to see a video of the presentation you can find it here. Today we are going to learn

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