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Google Apps for NON-US Governments Please!

Google just launched a new version of Google Apps for US Governments.  Why do they need to have a version of their “Apps” product specifically for US governments?  Because of a sensible requirement that American government data be store only on US based

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Mobile Computing Discussion @ UVic Libraries

Here’s a link to the outline of the Mobile Computing Discussion I’m leading today at the UVic Libraries.  Once I’ve cleaned up the notes, I’ll post them below: Reading List for Mobile Computing and the iPad Discussion: Reminders From Out

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Google Voice: A Phone & Voicemail Revolution

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?  I’ll start with the good news: Google Voice is the best thing that has happened to phones (including cell phones) and voice mail in decades… and it’s another free

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A wallet to love: sometimes smaller is better…

I saw a great article on about a combination money clip, and credit card holder.  I wish I’d seen this last week so I could get one for my birthday! It cost $20 on, and can hold a

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Drop Box: File Sharing across the Internet or across the Room Made Easy

Drop Box backs up and synchronizes files between computers.  Great for someone with a desktop and a Netbook for when they’re on the road. Drop Box is also very good for sharing files… can email links to publicly shared

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Guy Kawasaki & Practical ways to use Evernote

Guy Kawasaki wrote a great article on 14 great ways to make your life easier by using Evernote.  There is a desktop client for Evernote on Windows & Mac Computers, as well as iPhone & Blackberry clients, so that you

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My iPhone App Review: ReQall – Use your cell phone to transcribe messages & more!

Cost: Free or $25 per year – URL: For only $25 per year (about $2 per month) you can record 30 second messages that are then transcribed and then sent to your e-mail or other application of your choice.   The most

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