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UVic Law Student Technology Survey 2011

Introduction to the Survey Results In addition to the technology questions we’ve been asking UVic Law students over the past nine years, we decided for the second year in a row to ask some extra questions about the mobile technology

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Making the case for Word Processing on the Web: Collaborative Document Editing

Why would someone use an web based word processor for a school paper instead of Microsoft Word? Here are three reasons: When collaborating with classmates on a group project, do you get tired of trying to figure out which of

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Social Media: Educational Distraction or Learning Tools?

I gave a 5 minute “Ignite” presentation at the 2011 CALI Conference at Marquette Law School in Milwaukee this past week that I hope you enjoy…

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How to Edit Docs on your iPad or iPhone & Sync them with your Computer

How to sync and edit documents from my desktop computer on my iPad is a question that I’ve had ever since I purchased my iPad in April of 2010.  The good new is that I finally have a good answer,

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YouTube & Facebook: Educational Distractions or Learning Tools?

Do YouTube and Facebook distract students?  Of course they do!  On the other hand, can YouTube and Facebook help students with their school work?  When my partner found herself in a college class with a teaching challenged professor, I was

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Phone & iPod Touch Apps for Students

Can iPhones and iPod Touches be more than just a distraction for students, but actually help you with your home work and research?  Below are some apps that can help turn your mobile device into a tool for better grades. I’ll

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Google Docs: See Collaborative Document Editing In Action

It is one thing to talk about collaborative document editing, and quite another to see it in action. I use this feature every other week to organize rides to away games for my son’s soccer team. Anyone on the team

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