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Digg Revolts over take down of: 09 f9 11 02 9d 74 e3 5b d8 41 56 c5 63 56 88 c0

If you are not a geek, you probably have no idea what the head line for this blog post means. If I were a citizen of the United States, living in the US, I would have just broken the Digital

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Web Applications on Stand Alone Comptuers?

I’ve been doing a bit of research lately for a project I’m working on at my day job. The project is a program to help law students learn how to effectively do legal research. The program is call the "Legal

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50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs

Here are some great, inspirational web designs for anyone needing to re-do their web site. All use CSS, so the look an feel can be changed independently of the site data. read more | digg story

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“Get Legal” – OpenOffice.Org Spins Microsoft FUD

It’s not just people who steal software who have to worry – when you buy a Microsoft product, you’re buying a lifetime of fear of audit and legal persecution. So says the new recruitment campaign by, "Get Legal –

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Personal Knowledge Management for Researchers

I just finished writing a paper on Personal Knowledge Management for Researchers.  You can find a full copy of the paper here.  Here the Executive Summary from the paper: The increasing volume of digital information with which researchers’ work is

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Geeks Doing Good

I came accross an interesting posting about the Geek Corps .  Basically experience IT people who volunteer their time to go to developing countries to help make the benefits of technology more accessible to the population.  They are typically looking

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Mind Maping – Open Source…

I was looking for some info on mind mapping software this past week (preferably open source), and I found an article that references me of all people.  The article was in the American Law Librarian Association’s Comptuer SIS magazine.  You

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