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Wikipedia vs. Encyclopaedia Britannica

Very interesting article on the relative accuracy of Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica by he scientific magazine "Nature". They compared 42 articles in both the encyclopedia Wikipedia and the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Experts in their field were given the task to

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Alfresco – The Open Source SharePoint

I ran accross an interesting project last night that I’m quite excited about.  I’ve been trying to find a good open source alternative to MS SharePoint for about a year now, and I think I’ve finally found one that is

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Hackfest Access 2005

It was a good hackfest day! I was involved in the Preservation through Redundant, Distributed and Indifferent Filespace project.  We didn’t write any code in the end (it is a huge project), but we did identify what features we would

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Google Desktop – Knowledge Mgt on the Cheap

I’ve been using my free download of Google Desktop for about a month now, and have been very impressed with how quickly I’ve been able to find documents I’ve needed.  Instead of searching around all the files in my "My

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Virtual Host Mail Server

Here is a great how-to that shows you the step by step process to setup a Virtual Host Mail Server with Postfix,  MySql, Courier & Quota.  I havn’t tried it yet, but it is something that I am looking forward

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LTSP Saves Schools Big

I ran across an interesting article on the Linux Terminal Server Project in schools. A school in Utah reports annual savings of $24,000 by having moved to linux terminal server away from Microsoft workstations. Those savings include software licencing costs,

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ISP-Server Setup – Ubuntu 5.0.4

I ran accross a great article on setting up Ubuntu 5.04 for use as an ISP or web hosting server.  It goes through the setup process step by step, complete with screen shots. Here is the link to the origional

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